Our Privacy Policy

What do we do with your information?

Vault12 does not store any of your personal data, nor any of your files. Both your personal data and your files are encrypted on device before being relayed through our Zax (https://github.com/vault12/zax) Server. This encrypted data only temporarily exists on our servers and is deleted once the destination device picks it up. Vault12 does not have the keys nor the capability to decrypt any of this information. In the event any government agency requests your personal data or files in an unencrypted format, Vault12 is technically unable to provide this to them.

Consent to anonymous logging

While we do not have access to any of your personal data, Vault12 does keep anonymized logs of user activity. This allows us to evaluate how our products are being used, without providing us with any details of who is using our product.

Lost/Erased devices

In the event you lose or erase one of the devices guarding your Vault, you should restore your Vault immediately. If too many of the devices guarding your Vault are lost/erased or you delete the Vault12 application, then we will not be able to provide instructions for the restoration of your files or data. This is because we do not store the private keys that secure Vaults on any of our servers.